Vehicle Services, Car Hire and Safaris

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Welcome to Fortes Africa Ltd

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Authorised Service Centre for Toyota in the Lake Zone.

Fortes Africa Garage services petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles of all makes and models.

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Vehicle Services, Car Hire and Safaris are the key services of Fortes Africa Limited.

Vehicle Services, Car Hire and Safaris are the key services of Fortes Africa Limited. At Fortes Africa Garage, we love what we do, and we understand that cars make our everyday lives possible. Our garage offers vehicle services, fitment, and repairs for vehicles of all makes and models. 

Because we serve people and planet, our natural heritage is very important to us. As a leader in tourism, Fortes Africa Safaris offers safari packages to the national parks in Tanzania. As a result we love to bring you up close and personal with the wildlife in comfort, style, and safety.

If you are planning a project in Tanzania, you can rely on Fortes Africa Car Hire for your car hire needs. With a fleet of more than 120 vehicles,  we can match your vehicle requirements. Contact Fortes Africa Limited today and experience our fast and friendly service.

Vehicle Services, Car Hire and Safaris at Fortes Africa Limited.

About Us...

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Courage, vision and Care were the values that inspired the founding of Fortes Garage in 1962. The Fortes family built its success story with dedication and great service. As a result, our business grew and is well known today as  the largest Vehicle Service Centre in the Lake Zone.

KPMG listed Fortes Africa Ltd as one of the top one hundred medium sized businesses in Tanzania. We are grateful for the efforts and vision of our leadership and staff through the years.

Fortes Africa Limited Serves Planet & People

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At Fortes Africa Ltd we serves planet and people. Grateful we are for your support because through that, you helped us to build our community. Connect with us and share your dreams and vision. Together we can help those in need to build a better life story through the joint efforts of our people. As a leader in our community, we are best suited to provide guidance to humanitarian projects in the Northern region. At present Fortes Africa Limited contributes to the community through various  programs.

You are welcome to visit our offices in Mwanza to discuss the immediate needs of our community.